Karry Simmons | Vice President of Programs and Partnerships, who represents American Curriculum Partnerships

Karri brings a life-long passion for helping students inside and outside the classroom. She attended Stanford undergraduate and has her masters in education in curriculum and reading. She began her counseling career at Stanford admissions. In the decades since, she has ensured the highest levels of student outcomes and sustained persistence measures in preparation to successfully apply to competitive academic institutions and organizations. She dedicates herself to helping each student develop and implement an individual success-plan.


“Karri was instrumental in my success. She listened to what I wanted to say and translated into essays that resulted in admission to Stanford and USC – my two top choices.” Kirsi, Stanford Class of 2018

“Karri helped me understand what I wanted to pursue as a career and successfully apply to graduate school. She helped me secure an internship that really impressed the admissions officers. I felt totally prepared to enter the program.” Celia, NYU Class of 2021

“Karri helped me understand the application process. She guided me through an online SAT program where my score increased by 210 points, putting me in range to apply to UCLA.” Andy, UCLA Class of 2019

“Karri walked me and my parents through the applications. She patiently answered all of my parents questions and came up with a college list that everyone was happy with. I was really concerned about the essays, but Karri made the process fun.” Yuki, UC Berkeley Class of 2020

Topic of the masterclass:

Early College Entrance / Developing a complete resume for college application