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Chris Reese | Senior Teacher / CELTA, CELT-S/P Trainer

Grade Education Centre

Senior Teacher / CELTA, CELT-S/P Trainer

Christopher Reese is an experienced English teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer at Grade Education Centre, Kyiv. He works with students of all levels and ages (primary, secondary (his favourite), and adults), and he also works on CELTA, CELTS-P, and CELT-S courses, as well as being a frequent conference speaker both in Ukraine and internationally.

Topic of the masterclass:

Monitoring, Assisting, And Checking – How to Keep An Eye On Our Learners Online

With the increasing popularity of online teaching and studying, several new challenges have appeared. Things that were once simple, such as putting learners into pairs, are now managed by something called “breakout rooms” – and this leaves many teachers feeling uncomfortable when they begin working online. In this practical session, participants will be looking at various ways of monitoring and supporting their learners online, both in large and small classes, as well as some tools that they can use to help accomplish this in the lesson.