Alekom Educаtion

Alekom Educаtion

Alekom Educаtion

Vita Boronilo | Head of group programs department

– over 9 year experience in Education Abroad

– regular participant in conferences and trainings on education abroad: ICEF, WEBA, Oxford International Education Abroad Sessions, UKLC Agent Training, etc.

– since 2012 certified group leader in the UK, Ireland, USA, Malta

– over 13 groups

– personal visit to the foreign schools and universities:

UK: Kelly College, Taunton School, University of Chester, St.Peter’s School, Bootham School, New Battle Abbey

Malta:European School of English, Gateway Language School, Chamber College, ClubClass, IELS, Easy School of Languages

USA: Fordham University, Lynn University, Lancaster Mennonite School

Ireland: Malvern House

Germany: Bad Schussenried Humboldt-Insitut, Lindenberg School

Topic of the masterclass:

Group programmes: trips abroad to learn foreign languages (7-17 years)